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Name Mobizen
Category Productivity App
Size 24.2 MB
Reviews 1016
Developer MOBIZEN
Score 8.7
Publish Date: 2022-03-28
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The description of Mobizen App

The Screen Recorder you were looking for▶ The “Best of 2016 Apps” selected by Google.▶ Screen recorder selected by global 200 million users.▶ Featured in Google Play.—– Featured in many countries such as Korea, USA, Europe, Japan, North and South America▶ Screen recording, capture, and editing functions are free.▶ The video recorded with the Mobizen app is not saved on the server, only on the user device, so use it with confidence!▶ Easy to start/stop recording, and freely pause while recording.▶ Use it immediately without signing up (login).Download Mobizen Screen Recorder, which can start recording easily with one click, and start recording gameplay, video, and live broadcasting easily and conveniently!Do you want your first screen recording to be perfect?ㆍClean screen recording without a record button through Hide Air Circle mode!ㆍRecord the screen without watermark for free using Clean mode!ㆍNot only FULL HD (FHD) screen recording, but also QUAD HD (QHD, 2K) screen recording! Supported maximum recording quality ▷ Recording resolution 1440P, recording quality 24.0Mbps, frame rate 60fpsFacecam function! Express your reactions freely and record game sounds and voices together!ㆍSave to external memory (SD card)! Record long screen recordings of more than an hour without worrying about memory!ㆍVarious image editing functions (BGM, in/outro, trim, split video, frame extraction, etc.) Increase the quality of the recorded video!Only in MobizenㆍFrom OS 4.4, anyone can use it without rooting!ㆍScreen recording, capture, and editing functions for free!Remove the watermark and make a cleaner recording!ㆍRecord a video of yourself through Facecam!ㆍHighlight important points through the drawing function!ㆍCreate your own watermark!Create a GIF and create a fun meme!ㆍChoose the type of Air Circle! (mini type, time bar type, transparent type)Do you have any questions while using Mobizen?Check the functions you are curious about using Mobizen, screen recording tips, and communication with users in the channels below!ㆍHelpdesk: support.mobizen.comㆍYoutube channel:'s make an app togetherDo you have any unnatural sounding text while using the Mobizen app?ㆍSuggest a language☞ it now and try it!=====※ App access rightsㆍRequired access rightsStorage: Used for saving and editing recorded video & image files.ㆍOptional access rights- Camera: Used for Facecam settings and Air Circle custom when recording screens.- Microphone: Used for sound recording function during screen recording.- Draw on top of other apps: To open Mobizen's Air Circle, you need to grant permission to draw on top of other apps.* Please note that you can use the app even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.* From Android OS 6.0 or higher, you can set and revoke access rights.* If you are using Android OS version less than 6.0, you can modify the permissions after updating the software.—-

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