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Publish Date: 2021-09-22
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The description of Baby Care Tracker App

STOP OVERLOADING YOUR MIND AND LET PARENTING BE JUST FUNBaby Care Tracker is very simple, intuitive and useful application for moms that need to track breast or bottle feeding, pumping, diaper changes and others easily. All such data may show you or pediatrician how your child is benefiting or alert if something is not going well.ALL FEATURES ARE FOR FREE! NO HIDDEN FEES! ★ plenty of event types: breast feeding, bottle feeding, drinking, pumping, diaper changes, potty visits, sleeping, eating, health events, misc activities, growth, simple note.★ reminders: one-time or repeating reminders based on the start, end of last event or exact time, based on the event type or tag specification. Let your phone/tablet to remind you when is time to begin to breastfeed, administer a medicine, etc.★ quick launch and progress sticky notifications.★ child profiles that allows you to track twins or more babies.★ history and statistics view that allows you see summary and filter events based on baby profile, time range, event type, event tag or event note.★ time-line list view to see time distances between previous and following event (e.g. how long your baby is actually up).★ export filtered data to CSV for further processing in you favorite spreadsheet or sharing with pediatrician.★ export filtered data to HTML.★ growth charts based on CDC, WHO or Niklasson 2008 study for prematurely born babies.★ time-line and other charts with daily statistics.★ imperial and metric units★ multilingual support – english, česky, deutsch, español, français, italiano, nederlands, polski, português, slovensky, русский, беларускі, український, etc.★ night mode, full-screen mode★ configurable main page (list of events, big icons, size)★ database backup and restoration functionality.★ And many others going to be added based on your comments and wishes.BREAST-FEEDING and PUMPING★ hint which breast your baby has been fed from last time to ensure starting on the opposite breast.★ record time, duration, quantity of feeding★ record baby weight before and after breast feeding, which allows application to calculate how much milk your baby drank up.BOTTLE FEEDING and DRINKING★ record duration of feeding from bottle★ record all fluid intake (breast milk, formula, water, tee, juice, sirup, etc…)★ set the default fluid volume (can be changed as needed)FEEDING (solid food)★ track eating of solid food as your baby begins eating it, select its kind (cereal, vegetables, fruids, meat, fish, etc.) and its quantity.★ track your baby’s reactions to new fluids and solid food and make a note of it.DIAPER CHANGE and POTTY★ record whether a changed diaper was wet and/or dirty.★ make a comment describing e.g. the consistency. All such information is important to noticing signs of dehydration, constipation, and diarrhea and possibly alerting your baby’s pediatrician.GROWTH★ track your baby weight, height and head circumference and show it in growth charts (based on CDC, WHO or Niklasson 2008 for prematurely born babies)HEALTH★ track all medical events of your child (temperature, medicine, vaccination, injuries, sickness, doctor visits, etc.)★ baby's temperature in °F, °C or K.SupportPlease don't leave any low rating without any comment. It is easy to contact us if you find something bad. We will really like to hear from you even if you provide us with negative feed-back. AdvertisementsYes, this application is free but supported by advertisements, so we can keep developing the application.PermissionsAll permissions that the app requires are harmless and we do not collect or store any personal information.Best wishes to you and your baby!

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