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Name SplitHit
Category Music & Audio App
Size 209.5 MB
Reviews 4580
Developer Sphereo
Score 6.4
Publish Date: 2021-06-17
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The description of SplitHit App

Ever wanted to control music? Really control it? With SplitHit, every instrument is in the palm of your hand.Singer at heart? Need a Karaoke maker? Use our state of the art voice removal method to make karaoke out of any song. Just upload any mp3 file and remove the vocals to make a quality backing track. Record yourself singing along and share with your friends. To get your singing more accurate, you can keep the original singer audible while recording and remove the vocals completely afterwards.DJ? Split any song and save the separate tracks to create powerful remixes and mashups. With our AI technology you can split any song into vocals, piano, bass, drums and other musical instruments (guitar/keyboard). Save the separated instruments in top quality and create a mind-blowing remix.Enjoy equalizers? With split you can boost more than just the bass. Get a new, better than equalizer listening experience. Play with the level of each instrument in real time, to listen to songs differently. Want to boost the drums? Listen to any song in acapella? Curious as to how your favorite songs would sound like with just the vocals and drums active? Let your imagination run wild and choose your own unique listening experience.Practicing an instrument? Use Sphereo’s split technology to remove or boost the instrument you’re playing for the perfect backing track. Make it as quiet or as loud as you need to best practice. Record yourself playing to see how much you’ve improved. Practice singing, drumming, piano, bass and other musical instruments (tip: play with the “other” channel to isolate guitar/keyboards).SPLIT BY SPHEREO FEATURES:STATE OF THE ART MUSIC SEPARATOR ALGORITHM-Split any song into vocals, piano, bass drums and harmonics (guitar/ keyboards)-Save the separate stems in top quality to create DJ remixes and mashups-Isolate vocals and eliminate instruments for a vocals only remix-Eliminate vocals from audio for an instrumental remix-Boost the bass or drums for a boosted remixVOICE REMOVER AND KARAOKE MAKERRemove voice from any mp3 song to make a karaoke version.Record yourself singing to the karaoke version and share with friendsPerfect your vocal abilities by singing along to the original vocals and remove them only after recordingTHE NEW EQUALIZER EXPERIENCEUse Sphereo’s split and sound amplifier technology to separate and amplify the sound of any instrumentBass booster, drum booster, piano booster, vocal booster and guitar boosterPRACTICE ANY INSTRUMENTMaster any instrument by removing or amplifying its sound from any song.Control the level of the volume for best practice.Record yourself playing to review your progress.Create quality backing tracks.INSTRUMENT REMOVERVoice remover – eliminate vocalsDrum remover – eliminate drumsBass remover – eliminate bassPiano remover – eliminate pianoGuitar/harmonics removerINSTRUMENT BOOSTERBoost the volume and amplify sound of any instrument – drums, bass, piano and more.

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