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Developer AfroCentric IT Solutions (Pty) Limited
Publish Date: 2019-07-03
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The description of POLMED PHR App

POLMED is introducing a new “one stop gateway to great health”. The App that will give you and your dependants access to your personal health record.YOUR HEALTH The Health section provides a summary of your admission to hospital, consultations with medical professionals, medication claimed, registered chronic conditions, known allergies and pathology test results. WELLNESSThe Wellness section maps your journey to great health. It includes a lifestyle questionnaire that assesses your health and provides information to maintain a lifestyle resulting in a “healthier” you. The App is compatible and will allow you to set goals and, monitor your health profile through linking to your electronic fitness devices or to cell phones that have built in fitness appsEARN BADGES The Badges section shows the badges you earn as you improve your health. You earn badges by filling in the lifestyle questionnaire, following a healthy lifestyle, linking personal devices and, more importantly, completing a health assessment for your annual medical examination at your treating GP, a Polmed or participation in clinical screening at Polmed wellness event which are paid from your Preventive Care benefits. Show your badges to your friends and family – you have earned your bragging rights.The time is NOW to change your lifestyle and be a healthier “YOU”.

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