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NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID 10, FOR NOWWHAT IS BRUXAPP?BruxApp is the first globally available, research-based smartphone app dedicated to the study and management of Bruxism and its health consequences.Designed by top international experts in a multi-center Bruxism research project and developed in 25 Research Centres across the world. WHAT CAN IT DO?Bruxapp is a simple tool used by dentists and patients for several purposes:- To help dentists to diagnose the possible presence/absence of bruxism-related activities (i.e., teeth clenching or grinding, jaw clenching) and potential consequences- For rating the severity of bruxism, if present- As a biofeedback-based therapeutic tool for bruxism- To increase patients’ awareness of bruxism activities so they can avoid or correct negative habits- To promote cutting-edge knowledge about bruxism, based on the latest scientific research- To make patients aware of the possible clinical consequences of bruxism and try to prevent themWHY is BruxApp needed? Bruxism has been increasing in prevalence over recent years. It encompasses motor activities of the jaw muscles, such as jaw or teeth clenching, and teeth grinding, some of which may be associated with clinical signs and symptoms, like tooth wear, failed dental restorations, complications with implant-supported prosthesis, muscle fatigue and temporomandibular joint pain. A correct diagnosis is therefore fundamental to establishing early prevention and management regimens.SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHStudies with BruxApp have been supervised by experts, as part of an ongoing multicenter research project on bruxism epidemiology and management coordinated by Prof. Daniele Manfredini, University of Siena, Italy.DEVELOPMENTThe app was developed by Goran Djukic, program analyst at the Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Council of Research, University of Pisa, Italy.BruxApp is currently available in the following languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Finnish, Brazilian, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Bosnian,Croatian and Turkish with another 8 language versions soon to be released. IMPORTANT STATEMENTBruxApp is not a game or gadget. In order for BruxApp to work correctly and be effective, please dedicate 10 minutes of your time to READING the simple instructions CAREFULLY. The full Brux-App compatibility is guaranteed by Android 6 and higher ones but not for Android 10

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