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Publish Date: 2022-03-03
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The description of A4i App

A4i application is the patient-facing component of A4i. A4i enrollment is ONLY available through the A4i clinical portal. An access code MUST be assigned by your clinic before you are able to log in and use the application.Schizophrenia recovery is possible, let A4i provide you with the tools to help you live your life to the fullest. With dynamic and tailored content right at your fingertips, a community of people just like you and the tools that show you have far you have come and how to keep moving forward. PERSONALIZED FEEDGet evidence-based information that you need to manage your schizophrenia. Customized content based on four areas according to questions you completed during enrollment and content that will show up in the feed with an A4i logo: 1. Social ActivationTo help get you out and about in the community – being better connected with others is an important part of staying healthy. It will include suggestions, strategies and ideas to help you engage with others and be more healthy as a result. 2. Living with SchizophreniaTo help you find information about schizophrenia and psychosis, how to cope with psychosis symptoms using strategies that work, news and updates about research and innovative interventions for psychosis, and hear inspirational stories by people who live successfully in recovery3. Stress and AnxietyWho doesn’t have stress or anxiety every once in a while? This content can help you learn to manage any you might be experiencing so that it doesn’t get overwhelming, which can help you stay well.4. Motivation and Cognitive SupportEver find it tough to get things done? This content can give you ideas for how to get going each day, and help you come up with strategies to improve your memory, attention and problem-solving.See what works with tips, tricks and encouragement from a community of people just like you. Share your experiences with the community and maybe you will be able to help someone in need. TOOLKITA variety of tools that can help you self-manage your schizophrenia. Never forget important things to mention to your doctor with the ability to submit notes for things you want to discuss at your next appointment.Additional tools to help you see how well you are doing in terms of…- mood – to see how you are feeling day-to-day- sleep – because getting enough sleep is important to maintaining your mental and physical health- goals – tp help you see how close you are to reaching your goals, use this as motivation to push yourself forward- taking medications – with reminders and adherence rates to help you monitor if you are taking the right drugs at the right timesIf you experience auditory hallucinations, give the sound detector a go and check to see if what you heard was a hallucination or something in your surroundings.

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