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Name Transmilenio and Sitp
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Publish Date: 2022-03-15
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The description of Transmilenio and Sitp App

TransmiSitp searches for you the route with fewer stops to move between two stations of the Bogota system. With this application you access the information of each of the routes, including stations, buses, schedules, feeders and maps. Know the routes of the integrated public transport system of Bogotá (urban, complementary and special), visualize maps and routes. Take advantage of GPS and google maps to find the nearest station or the recharge points of the tullave card. We have made the greatest effort to allow the greatest number of functionalities to be used without having Internet or data plan.Calculate the route Origin – Destination to reach any place in the transmilenio system or SITP with the least number of exchanges and the lowest number of transfer stops. You can choose the day and time on which you want to make the trip so you can plan your trip from before. For each bus, all schedules are shown and active schedules are highlighted.List of functionalities:* Search for the best route given a station of origin and a destination. The search can be done by station name, google maps, trunks and map in image.* Cost of the ticket for the system.* Check the balance and history of the tullave card (only for devices with NFC)* Free transfer time measurement with alerts.* Trunks of the transmilenio system.* Station search by word and proximity based on GPS information.* Visualization of trunks and transmilenio stations in google maps.* Search for buses, feeders and SITP.* Measurement of speed and location of station for transmilenio buses by GPS* Display of bus route with included route map.* Consultation of feeders in a station.* Integration with calendar of holidays. It shows which buses are in operation at the time of the query according to the day.* List and search and details of the routes of the sitp.* Maps of the routes of the sitp.* Card recharge points your key.* Location of recharge points by GPS.* Display of recharge point in google maps.* General map of the transmilenio system.* Query stations from the map.* Police numbers by trunks.* Sitp and feeders in google maps.* News of mobility.* Tourist places.* Sunday bike lane.Do not hesitate to contact us if you have information about new routes or changes in existing routes. You can help us by sending us emails with this type of information or recommending us to your friends.You can support our facebook community at and twitter at the application presents you with an error and you want to help us, you can report it from the option to report the error that automatically opens, and in the comment you can indicate that you were doing when the error occurred.If you find problems with routes, or need to update some information, you can contact our email or our community on facebook indicating the problem. We have received comments such as "missing routes update" which are not very useful, if they do not indicate which routes are (if you know and you send us the web page where the updated information is much better).Note: The TransmiSitp application has no relationship with transmilenio, sitp or any of its subsidiaries. The information of the application is the public information that is intended for the users of the system, which is regulated by Colombian Law 1712 of 2014 and can be consulted from: application uses the GTFS standard ( We use the data from: with the public information intended for the user that they publish in compliance with Colombian Law 1712 of 2014.

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