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Name Radar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps
Category Maps & Navigation App
Size 32.3 MB
Reviews 4989
Developer duff hl studio
Publish Date: 2022-07-21
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The description of Radar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps App

Save your money by tracking speed cameras and police radar locations. Turn your smartphone into the perfect speed camera, radar alert system, map and location tracker!Features of Radar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps, Navigation:⭐ Free Speed Camera Detector⭐ Location tracker, family locator and GPS tracker⭐ Radar maps, GPS, and real-time map⭐ Police Radar Detector that marks the location of speed cameras and police on the map⭐ Voice radar, directions, and offline map⭐ Real-time radar alert with sound notifications⭐ Live radar, 3D Maps & GPS⭐ HUD displays info on the windshield by reflecting the light of your phone⭐ Real-time traffic alerts and speed camera detection system using GPS⭐ Displays the distance to the nearest speed camera, its location, direction, and speed limit⭐ HUD: You can use this app for the heads-up display while driving your car⭐ See current speed, speed limit, and nearest radar points, ways at the same time⭐ Use km/h or mile⭐ Shows the current outside temperature, humidity, weather, and pressure depending on your location⭐ Accurate weather forecasts ⭐ See next 5 days weather or plan ahead with the 14-day weather⭐ Measure temperature unit type Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit(°F)⭐ Thousands of local AM and FM radio stations live near you⭐ Radio channels: music, news, sports, podcast, talk, comedy, etc⭐ Internet radio stations broadcasting from 197 countries⭐ Save your favorite radios. Easy to listen to the live radio broadcast ⭐You can find your way and Kaaba direction with our compass⭐You can turn your face to the Kaaba with the help of our Qibla compassRadar and Police detector📡 Detect any speed radar gun with this cop radar. The speed limit app offers you a radar detector that can find any police radar. The police detector will save you the fines money!📡 If you don’t have the budget for a new radar detector, we have a cheaper alternative: the radar detector app that is "Radar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps, Navigation"📡 Radar detector app provides a credible source of info for real-time speed cameras on the live traffic road. It’s the greatest radar detector and maps app. Navigation live traffic cops radar app for any speed cameras and go maps 📡 Speed traps detector works as a cops radar app with a head-up display to facilitate your navigation.Head-up Display: HUDRadar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps, Navigation app includes a Head-up display feature that projects speedometer information directly onto your car's windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. You will get the distance of the next radar point, current speed, speed limits, and even speed camera warnings.How to Use:1. Open the app and click the "Head-up Display" menu.2. Put the phone in front of your car windshield in a horizontal position3. Driving information (current speed, speed limit, and next radar point) will be mirrored on the windshield from the smartphone screen.4. Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy! 🙂 Location Finder & GPS Tracker & Family LocatorShare your location with your family using your android device. You can track where your family is after getting their permission. When loved ones leave home, use the family finder app to find out if they arrived safely and on time. There's no need to send those annoying "Where are you?" texts any longer. You can find the location of your loved ones by using the location tracker and family locator. < NOTE >: You can view the location of each family member's "ONLY" when they gave permission. It requires consent!Compass / Qibla CompassThe best way to find your directions comes from using a compass. We will give you the opportunity to use the best one. Besides, you can find your Kaaba's direction with our amazing Qibla compass.View weather and radar information add or remove the city whether you wantWe wish you a good and safe journey with Radar GO-X: HUD, GPS, Maps, Navigation App

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