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Name AutoGreet
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Developer eGenuity, LLC
Publish Date: 2021-08-31
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The description of AutoGreet App

AutoGreet works in conjunction with Auto Data's PosiLube POS software for the quick lube. It requires additional networking software by Auto Data in order for it to function fully. Initiate a new work order by entering or taking a photo of the VIN bar code, entering the license plate, or by searching on the customer's name. This coupled with the ability to utilize CARFAX's QuickVIN look up makes this an affordable replacement to more expensive, dedicated VIN Scanners. The large screens and powerful processing of today's tablets enables this application to do much much more than was previously possible with older handheld devices and dedicated scanners.AutoGreet has the following features and capabilities:Features & Benefits:*CARFAX QuickVIN – Quickly converts license plates into VINS that are then decoded to yield accurate parts and lubricants information*CARFAX Service History – Go beyond your own store's service history by viewing the CARFAX service history performed at other participating service locations.*USPS address verification – Increases marketing mailings accuracy and effectiveness*Lookup customers by license, QuickVIN, picture of VIN bar code, or last name – This array of lookup options means no matter how you have tracked your customers in the past, AutoGreet will work for you.*Fill out new customer information on the tablet prior to sending to the bay for service – This option means you can get more done on the front end of the transaction so you can better serve the customer later on.*View work order, vehicle history, and preventive maintenance schedule from the tablet – All of these reports combined with the CARFAX service history means you have all the data you need to service and sell the customer in the most professional and efficient way possible.*Automatically print a work order, static window sticker , and preventive maintenance report if desired for each customer – Decide on the fly what prints based on that customer's and your needs. All of these items can print automatically before the car even hits the bay speeding up your service times and work flow.*Trim services on the preventive maintenance and print automatically from the tablet – Customize the PM Schedule on the fly to maximize the effect of each individual sales presentation.*View and manage customer comments from the tablet – Identify special needs, notes, or concerns from the first point of contact with your customer. Record new comments or notes as well so you don't miss a thing.*Fill out required fleet information and view fleet checklist items on the tablet – Always know the particular "rules" and needs of the fleet customer to prevent billing mistakes and ensure the proper service for each fleet.*Recall any customer from the POS to the tablet for presentation or further manipulation – Take the tablet to the customer in the waiting area to review service history or make a sales presentation with the PM schedule to maximize profitability and image. *Change the color scheme by picking from a list of pre-set colors – Customize the look of the app to best suit your store's branding.*Install your company logo from your server computer to be displayed on the tablet – Reinforce your stores branding with your own custom graphics.Settings: Designate the network IP address of the server computer CARFAX ID for QuickVIN and Service History State in which your business resides to speed up QuickVIN requests Select a default search method that works best with your history format Select which documents will print automatically from the tablet when sending a customer in to the bay Require postal verification on all customers (max 2 tries) Hide postal address fields if you do not collect addresses for your customers Build preventive maintenance report by default on every customer (turning off will slightly speed up document creation) Select background color

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