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Name Vibration
Category Health & Fitness App
Size 28.5 MB
Reviews 898
Developer red-fish
Publish Date: 2021-09-29
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The description of Vibration App

Since you can freely set the vibration pattern, you can enjoy a vibration massage that suits your taste. You can also browse the website within the app while using.☆ The strength of vibration depends on the device.On some devices, you may be able to increase the vibration by the following methods.[Settings] >  [Sound / Vibration] >  [Vibration strength]  >>  Set to the strongest level* This app cannot enhance the strength of the device's vibration.* This app cannot be used on devices that do not have a vibe function.≪How to use≫Click the [button on the upper right] to start the vibration.Adjust the length of the vibrator with the [1st] and [3rd] bars.Use the [2nd] and [4th] bars to adjust the distance between the vibrators.Tap the [Pause button] to stop the vibration.Use the [Random Button] to randomly create a vibe pattern.If you press and hold the "[1]-[5] button", the vibration pattern will be saved and the button color will turn black. Then tap to vibrate with the saved pattern.By tapping the [Global Button], you can browse the website within the app.We hope you find the best vibration pattern and enjoy this app for a long time.☆ Please note that continuous use for a long time will put a burden on the device.☆ When using the device against your body, be careful of the temperature rise of the device.

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