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Name Code name: Leaping Traveler
Category Casual
Size 671.8MB
Popularity 7260
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler Game Introduction :

\”Hello, this is a hello from cocoon base,

Listen carefully to the planet Project as it begins to sync up:

Data released, please receive

Announcer: Ji Lulu

A mysterious signal from the depths of the universe has been intercepted, information synchronization……

★Roguelike+ independent exploration, explore the unknown planet

Adventure maps are randomly generated, adventure characters can explore freely, season system matches talent tree, and multiple elements make exploration more interesting

Since the chess + dimension reduction strike, jump multidimensional universe

Second pixel wind from the chess game, the use of fragmented time experience refreshing game; The dimensional transition fits the plot, and MOE\’s adventures and battles in two-dimensional space; Each adorable niang exclusive \”dimension reduction\” body, delicate and lovely pixel niang shuttle in the same \”dimension reduction\” diverse scene world, launched a field of exciting retro pixel battle.

★ Mixed sprout niang + multiple forms, meet alienated girl

The character design of different natural product features is added to complement each other in the collocation of alien setting. Bold color + reflects the character\’s own unlimited material color processing, unique texture;

★ Analog mobile phone + three screen display, immersed in broken space and time

Three screen sliding display, restore the real experience of mobile phone; The game module display can be customized, and the \”mobile phone\” function module can be set freely in the game.

The game module covers the basic functions of mobile phones, including social apps and life apps. It is not clear whether it is a game or a real mobile phone. !

Code name: Leaping Traveler Game screenshot :

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler

Code name: Leaping Traveler (671.8MB)

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