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Name 回家过年(Transporting Classic)
Category Casual
Size 881.3KB
Popularity 6697
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/01/2022
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Mod Info:

回家过年(Transporting Classic) Transporting Classic

回家过年(Transporting Classic) Game Introduction :

In this version, the creatures in the pool in \”Summon the Dragon\” have been transformed into various vehicles. In the beginning, the player only had a bicycle, and after synthesis, it can be turned into electric vehicles, tricycles, jeeps and other tools in the later stage. Like the gameplay of \”Summoning Dragon\”, players have to be careful of \”traffic accidents\” when encountering large vehicles. And players who have a \”traffic accident\” or fail to synthesize a vehicle of sufficient size will eventually have to \”celebrate the New Year on the spot\”. In addition, in addition to the original basic gameplay, \”Homecoming for Chinese New Year\” also added a link to collect auspicious idioms in the game. Players can collect a word by stepping on a light-colored block in the game, and stepping on the corresponding four Color blocks can form a word. This innovative gameplay and the sound of firecrackers at the end of the game have a very Chinese New Year atmosphere.

回家过年(Transporting Classic) Game screenshot :

回傢過年(Transporting Classic)

回傢過年(Transporting Classic)

回傢過年(Transporting Classic)

回傢過年(Transporting Classic)

回家过年(Transporting Classic) (881.3KB)

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