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Name comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ
Category Comics
Size 61.1MB
Popularity 1756
Publisher 株式会社viviON
Score 6.0
Publish Date 28/11/2022
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comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ Game Introduction :

Free delivery of the winning works of the Song Manga Award for a limited time! Don\’t miss this opportunity! !

The \”comipo Uta Manga Contest\”, newly established by comipo, is the first manga award for drawing and posting manga with the theme of \”songs\”. The memorable 1st time will be drawn as a cartoon of the world view of the song of the collaboration artist \”Yabai T-shirt shop\”.

The award-winning work of such \”comipo Uta Manga Award\” has finally been decided! The 9 award-winning works will be distributed free of charge for a limited time from 11/25 (Friday) to 12/15 (Thursday)! !

In addition, the Grand Prize-winning \”Happy Wedding Mae Manga\” has been turned into a voice comic based on the concept of this award, \”Song X Manga\”! The voice comic dubbed by the collaboration artist \”Yabai T-shirt shop\” can also be experienced for free for a limited time until 12/15 (Thursday)!

It is a special work that you can listen to, read, and enjoy only here in the world, so don\’t miss this opportunity! !

[Song Manga Award Grand Prize]

・Happy Wedding Manga

[Song Manga Award winning work]

– Doomsday Witchcraft

・I\’m in my twenties.

・ I want to keep a cat in space

・Keiko of diatomaceous earth mat

・I want to keep a cat

・Feco, I\’m stuck.

・Please! ! Cupuaçu

・Dojima-san and Akatsuki-kun

You can read comics for free every day on comipo!

There are lots of great events where you can get bonus coins!

\”comipo\” was named in the sense that it has both comics and sounds (pop).

Based on the concept of \”a manga app that is fun to listen to\”, we will provide a new way to enjoy manga in animation, such as voice comics in which gorgeous voice actors read out the lines of manga!

[Features of comipo]

◆ A new experience to enjoy comics with \”sound\”!

Voice comics voiced by voice actors are electronic comics that add elements of \”sound\” and \”voice\” to comics. With realistic acting and immersive sound effects, you can enjoy the work with both your eyes and ears, providing a more immersive and satisfying manga experience than ever before.

You can understand the situation in the manga just by listening, so you can enjoy it even in situations where you can\’t read the manga because you\’re too busy to move your hands, or you can\’t read the manga.

[Main voice comics being distributed]

・I am a hero full version

・The Day I Was Embraced by Black Wings ~The Boy Devil and the Unlucky Maiden~

・Can I love you with all my might?

・Flower path of success

・Hanafuru Colony Lot ~26-year-old OL becomes an apprentice to a gardening boy~



・Leap month

・Core M ~ Murderer Reincarnation

・Office Ladies and Shuriken ~The love of an elite ninja is too heavy!!~

・Manga tutor Nao sensei ~How to create a simple story to win the rookie manga award~

・ All the women who get in the way are meat

・Do I look good? ~ Painful woman on SNS

・Mr. Onihime is here.

・Miharu Urarara ~I can\’t pretend to be calm when my best friend dresses too cute~

・I can\’t sleep because I\’m too loved by horror writers

・Pure steamed pile bunker

◆ You can read manga for free every day!

Comipo\’s \”¥ 0 waiting\” (zero enmachi) compatible work allows you to read the continuation of the manga for free every day just by waiting for 23 hours.

……e? can\’t wait that long? If you want to read on right now, there are also ways to get \”bonus coins\” and \”time saving tickets\” for free!

◆A lot of advantageous events!

260 coins will be presented without exception by registering as a member (free)! In addition, there are many events where you can get coins for free, such as campaigns that give away bonus coins when you launch the app and mission functions!

◆Vertical reading viewer that makes it easy to read manga!

We also have a lineup of vertical reading comics (Webtoon) that can be read only by vertical scrolling, which is rapidly gaining popularity now! Comipo\’s manga viewer defaults to easy-to-read vertical reading (you can also switch to horizontal reading).

Enjoy a comfortable reading experience optimized for your smartphone!

◆comipo\’s original comics will continue to line up!

More than 10,000 domestic and foreign comics participate in comipo.

Kengo Hanazawa\’s popular manga \”I Am A Hero Complete Edition\”, which has won numerous manga awards and was made into a live-action movie, has been made into a voice comic by Tomokazu Seki, Asami Imai, Azumi Waki ​​and other gorgeous voice actors! 

In addition to famous works and overseas vertical reading comics (Webtoon) hits, Ai Kayano, Yuki Ono, Nobuhiko Okamoto and others are voice actors, and the popular distribution \”Hanafuru Colony Lot ~ 26-year-old OL, gardening\” Comipo\’s original comics such as \”Apprentice to a boy\” (commonly known as \”Hanakoro\”) are scheduled to appear one after another. Please look forward to it! 

[Popular works being distributed]

・I am a hero full version

・Can I love you with all my might?


・The Day I Was Embraced by Black Wings ~The Boy Devil and the Unlucky Maiden~

・Flower path of success

・Hanafuru Colony Lot ~26-year-old OL becomes an apprentice to a gardening boy~


・Surgeon Elise

・Return ~A certain surgeon\’s counterattack~

・The corporate livestock that was sent to another world will be made up of dogs.



・Made in Abyss

・Golden Gouache! !

・Pop Team Epic


・ Little Devil Teacher Psycho

・ Expensive ex-wife bought by her son-in-law

・Rookie is in charge of handling accidents

・Empress of another world

・ Wakako sake [full color]

・ Defeated demon king reincarnated as a hero\’s daughter and takes revenge

・Blessing in the Name of Curse

・Pure Bride

・My childhood friend is Dasavich

You\’re kidding me that I\’m the princess\’s wife!?


・Lady Maid Queen

・ Otome game becomes a reality

[Distribute the latest information! ]


Official Twitter: @app_comipo (

[Safe and secure official app]

The service of comipo is a regular version distribution service with a content license from the copyright holder.

Unlike pirated services, you can browse manga safely and securely.

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ Game screenshot :

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ

comipo -毎日マンガを楽しめる漫画アプリ (61.1MB)

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