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Name How Old
Category Beauty App
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Developer GlintTec Apps
Publish Date: 2021-09-22
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The description of How Old App

How old am I features• Scan Visible Age: How old do I look app scans & does face analysis to find out visible age using advance AI technology. Use of Visible Age feature >> Whether you look younger, older & how old do you actually look? >> Check your real face age. >> Figure out how people perceive your age by your photo on social media. >> Verify your photo age before you share it. >> find my age >> guess my age • Photo Attractiveness How attractive do you look feature scans & does face analysis using golden face ratio, face shape, face emotions, make up, hair color, blad percentage. Use of How attractive am I feature >> how pretty do you look. >> How hot is your photo. >> Attractiveness meter. >> Attractive test. >> Beauty calculator. >> Is photo is ugly or beautiful. >> Beauty score. >> Beauty scan. >> Golden ratio beauty calculator. >> Answers am I handsome & am I pretty. >> Provides Pretty scale, beauty scale & attractive scale. >> Beauty detector. >> Guess my prettiness. >> Rate your look.• Baldness or Hair Loss Test Hair Loss test & baldness test uses face analysis modern technology Use of Baldness or Hair Loss Test >> How bald you look. >> Provides bald percentage. >> Hair loss percentage. >> Bald look. • Does my hairs turn gray test? Gray hair scan uses face analysis to provide color percentage. Use of grayhair test >> Are you looking old?.• Makeup or no makeup look? Use of makeup detector >> Find out whether your friend has put on makeup. >> Whether people are thinking that you have put on makeup.• Add Quote to selfie Use of Add Quote to selfie >> You can add different quotes images to your selfie. >> You can make Quote selfie frame.• Wanted Poster Frame You can make wanted poster frame from your picture.• Prison, Jail Selfie You can make Jail, Prison, fence poster frame from your picture.•.Photo Puzzle Own selfie Photo Puzzle game • lipstick Kiss Mark selfie Automatically Create Lipstick kiss mark pictureThe app can recognize multiple people in the image. Treat this app as fun & entertainment to play around with friends & family.

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